Lotus Elan S3 S/E Specifications

Elan S3 S/E at a Glance

Dry Weight: 1433 lbs. (shipper bill)
Kerb Weight: 1540 lbs. (Elan Manual) 1580 lbs. (R&T)
Weight Distribution: F 48%, R 52%
Cd 0.356 (lamps retracted, hood up)
Width: 56.0”; Length: 145.3”; Ground Clearance: 6”
Wheel Base: 84”; Track F/R: 47.1”/48.4”
Chassis: Fiberglass body over 75 lb. pressed steel backbone frame
Head: Cosworth cast-aluminum, chain-driven DOHC hemi; 2 valves, 1 plug per cyl.
Block: Ford 120E cast iron block, wet sump; 5 main bearing, 4 bolt crank; 240 lbs.
Displacement: 1558 cc; C/R: 9.5:1; Bore: 82.6mm; Stroke: 72.7mm; oversq., 1.2
Power: 115 bhp @ 6250RPM; Torque: 106 ft-lbs. @ 5000 rpm (Dave Bean Eng.)
Redline: 6750 RPM (easily turns 7000 RPM in low three gears)
Fuel induction: Dual Weber 40 DCOE 18 carburetors with specially tuned trumpets
Gearing: 4 speed semi-close ratio 2.97, 2.01, 1.40, 1.00; final drive ratio 3.55
Clutch: 8″ dry plate
Speeds in gears at redline: 40, 60, 85, 120 mph top speed
— early S/E data sheet: 0-60: 6.8 sec
— other Lotus marketing: 0-60: 7.6 sec, 1/4 mile: 15.7 sec
— R&T meas: 0-60: 8 sec, 1/4 mile: 16.4 sec
Independent Front Suspension: unequal-length wishbones (U/L), spring/damper
Independent Rear Suspension: lower wishbones, Chapman strut spring/damper
Driveshafts: doubly-articulated via two rotoflex rubber couplings per half shaft
Trunk capacity: 4.8 cu. ft.; Driver leg room: 40.5” brake pedal to seat cushion rear
Wheels: 4.5Jx13” steel knock-on; Tires: 145/80R13
Brakes: Girling/Lockheed discs F/R 9.5”/10”; swept area 358 sq”
80-0 mph .87g (R&T)
Fuel efficiency: 26 mpg avg (31 mpg highway cruising observed)
Fuel tank: 12.5 gal premium gas (max range 330 mi)
Steering: rack and pinion
Wheel turns (lock to lock): 2.5; turning circle diameter: 29.5

S/E Trim

more aggressive ‘C’ cam profile
18% longer valve open duration, same max lift 0.35”
10% more hp, 2% less torque
revised carburetion (32mm choke, 120mm main jet, 180mm air corrector jet)
4-2-1 cast exhaust header
differential air scoop
chrome strip under doors
fender-mounted directional signal flashers
revised rear shocks
servo-assisted brakes
inertial-reel safety belts
dimming rear view mirror
nylon-pile carpets
leather-covered 15″ steering wheel
black horn push
green cam covers
radial-ply tires

My S/E Trim


  • Lotus Yellow (Leicester Yellow)
  • Lotus color code L07
    • PPG# 83526
    • ICI# P0309547


  • Dunlop SP41

Seat Belts

  • Teleflex


Proceed to Lotus Racing Heritage.


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